Factory Cleaning

Putting good hygiene practice in place across your factory can help you to ensure safety is at a high level, meaning you consistently meet regulations.

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Factory Cleaning Services- Invest Cleaning

Keeping workspaces and facilities clean and neatly order is one of the most important thing to maintain a big factory environment. Some cleaned factory workers can be able to find what they need easily and quickly, so that they are able to do their job without issue. Replacing worn parts probably won’t happen daily, but spot-cleaning and deep cleaning are still something our cleaners can do during normal operational hours. Before beginning a shift, make a call to us then we will deep clean, sanitize floor, disinfecting to washrooms, dusting the machines and wipe any dust debris from machine’s surfaces and any moving parts.

Cleanliness should be standard part of your factory operations. By having enhanced practices in place, you can ensure an effective culture of increased hygiene across all parts of the business. Ensuring the cleanliness of your factory take time and efforts, but doing so will benefit your business, your employees and your customers. That’s why we are here to help you by cleaning. Our cleaning company has trusted employees and they have more than two years of experience in cleaning. They know how to do their work properly.

Our Special Focus

  • Elevator buttons
  • Switches
  • Faucet and toilet flush handles
  • Telephones ,Computers and Copiers
  • Handles and Doorknobs

Our disinfectant

  • Non-abrasive and Non-Corrosive
  • Non-Flammable - No Harmful Chemicals
  • Free From Chlorine and Phosphates
  • Cleans and Disinfects Without Bleaching
  • No Rinse Required
  • Pleasant fragrance

Our protection

  • Long lasting
  • Readily available disinfectants
  • Odor-free
  • Every square inch of every surface is disinfected


Factory Cleaning

A clean factory is a factory that allows your workforce to do their job properly. The goal of any company should be to have a factory that are well-organized, cleaned and easy to use and promotes a good working environment. Our factory cleaning checklist includes, vacuuming carpets and floors, sweeping and mopping floors, emptying trash, high and low dusting, disinfecting all the hard floors, cleaning door handles and light fixtures, cleaning all machine surfaces, dusting windows, window sills and ledges, clearing the factory drainage, fogging, cleaning factory office room appliances on the outside, wiping countertops and outside of the factory kitchen cabinets, cleaning and disinfecting the toilet, cleaning all the factory sinks and cleaning all machines inside.